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Are you using a Distribuitor?

When the brand is supplied by a third party, the latter regularly has a broad portfolio, this causes your brand not to be as well cared for as you would like, (as if you were doing it by yourself), Shopperting is a company that is responsible for making your brand one of ours, giving the best service at the point of sale that you could have at an efficient cost and risk-free.

How does Shopperting work?

We make the visits in the points of sale according to the frequency that you need, making each visit a unique and working on your brand , we give personalized attention and we work in the relationship brand-shop to obtain better spaces, as well as special displays and improvement of the number of faces for the customer.

At the same time we do an inventory audit where we will conduct the gathering of the information you consider necessary to improve your product, whether you know expiration dates or prices that are currently in points of sale , you could also know how is the competition vs your brand , all this information is delivered to the brand almost instantly giving the opportunity to make decisions based on the truthful information that Shopperting has for you.

All our visits have a photograph and GPS back up, avoiding false information and seeing through your eyes the photographs you are a witnesses of the information that is being sent to you. You will also be able to check the way the store was at the time of our arrival and you will know the way it was organized and delivered just as you will see in the exit photo.

We handle brands from many Latin American countries and we also have

brands within the United States, as the cost efficiency is so good you will be able to have a marketing office in combination with a KAM where we provide the service.

We also offer customized packages for each brand. If you need any information

or quotation, please let us know and we will be happy to work for you. Thank you very much!


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